Let Them Eat Cake

Oh poor Marie Antoinette, how misunderstood you were. When she said “let them eat cake!” I’m sure it was meant as a party invitation so everyone could eat cake, right? Those history books got it all wrong. Bad PR in the victorian days.

Here we are, a nation of cake lovers from sponge cake to cheesecake.  Nowadays, it’s not just your grandmothers cake anymore.  We got choices!  Lot’s of weird ones too.  I’d like to say I’m the adventurous type, sometimes, and I’m all for experimental baking.

So if you’re looking for a strange, unexpected and delicious cake to wow your wedding guests with, Check it out! Here you’ll find a list of some of the most unusual cakes with some of the most unexpected ingredients….uhhh chili, champagne even guacamole!

I have found what I think are the most creative cakes, both sweet and savory. What do you think?

Sweet Potato Cake Source

Avocado Lemon Poppy Seed Bundt Cake Source

Apple Spice Cake Source

Pink Champagne Cake Source

Mango Ginger Carrot Cake Source

Strawberry Margarita Cake Source

Lemon Blackberry Mousse Sponge Cake Source

Lemoncello Cake Source

Honey Lavender Cake Source

Pina Colada Cake Source

Cashew Salted Caramel Cake Source

Churro Cake Source

Root Beer Float Cake Source

Chocolate Chili Cake Source

Eggnog Trifle Cake Source

Irish Chocolate Coffee Cake Source

Strawberry Lemonade Cake Source

Cherry Cola Cake Source

I believe if these cakes taste as good as they look, I’ll be a very happy camper. I want them all. With portion control obviously…maybe.

Now that you’ve been introduced to a plethora of cakes you may not have considered, it’s time to go nuts and take a cake adventure of your own!



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Top 10 Wedding Trends that are taking over!

Trends Baby.

What are the major trends taking over the wedding world right now?  I’ll show you.  These are my Top 10 favorite Trends hitting the marital world of design and parties!

1. Themed Weddings: A themed wedding puts a new twist on tradition, and it’s a lot of fun to plan, too! I’ve seen a lot of circus themes lately, inspired by the movie Water For Elephants. However, you’re only limited by your imagination on this one, so it might be a good idea to choose a theme that fits both of your personalities.

Vintage Circus Wedding Source

 Camp Site Wedding Source

2. Seating in the Round: Don’t be a square.  Consider having your guests surround you with a circular or spiral seating configuration. Instead of your backs being turned to them, this will give them all a unique view of the nuptials. It might not work so well in a church or some indoor venues, but your options are wide open with an outdoor wedding.


3. Signs: Creative signs have become huge at weddings. And I mean HUGE!  Chalkboards taking over and are perfect for displaying the menu or writing a special message. Meanwhile, rustic wooden signs are mega popular as directional signs.



4. Donuts: I’m not going to lie, I have a Homer Simpson type craving for donuts and just when I thought I kicked it, VooDoo Donuts comes to town and I can’t help but take on their sugary overload! So how about that wedding dessert display?  Yep.  I just love how these amazing little fried circles of goodness have made their way onto a cake stand. I will have a donut, thank you. And, maybe one more…..


5. Gourmet Jello Shots: I am not suggesting we go back to our freshman year in college and down jello shots at a house party. As students, we made bad choices with our booze. HOWEVER, we are all grown up and now make better decisions, aka, Gourmet Jell-O Shots. Yes, Gourmet. Getting fancy up in here.  They are a super cool cocktail alternative that have become sophisticated! If fact, they may just be a little too chic to call Jell-O shots, but these are definitely a pretty cool addition to your bar.

Butter Beer Jelly Shots (Creme Soda, Vanilla Vodka, Butterscotch Schnapps) Source

The Bramble (Lemon, Gin, Flavored Gelatin, Blackberry Liquor) Source

6. Photo Booths:  Photo booths have taken over the wedding reception with fun props, such as mustaches, boas, glasses, hats, and frames. Because of it’s growing popularity, there are even portable photo booth services that allow your guests to take photos and even record a short video message. I think this is a great way to keep your friends and family entertained while getting some pretty awesome pictures for your scrapbook. Plus looking back at them after serving Jello Shots is highly entertaining.


7. Streamer Fever: Not the streamers from your high school prom here! We’ve moved on up in the streamer department. They add a little bit of color and whimsy hanging from the trees, the back of chairs, behind the dessert buffet, or strung along the rafters. Simple decoration that adds a lot of punch.



8. Chucks: I have been wearing Converse (AKA Chuck Taylors) since my grunge youth in Seattle in the mid 90′s, and it’s no surprise to me that our generation is flocking to chucks as their wedding shoe of choice. Plus they are insanely comfy, which is very important if you love to dance your face off.  You can hit Converse up for their customizable kicks on their website – everything from the heel stripe color to a personal tag.



9. Somewhere over the Rainbow: A rainbow inspired wedding is a far cry from a traditional color combo, but when done right, the striking array of colors are very pleasing. This is definitely an easy way to add a playful touch to your special day.


10. Veg Out: Move over flowers, whatcha know about the vegi takeover?? Appealing vegetables, such as artichokes, asparagus and leafy greens, are taking the place of flowers on many table centerpieces. And the best thing is, when the party is over, you can eat it, or better yet, juice it!


I hope some of these trends can inspire you! That’s it for me today everyone.  Have a great Tuesday!!




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Unconventional Mens Wedding Bands

Let’s give a little love to the men in our lives! On our blog, we talk about bride ideas and decor more than anything having to do with the groom.  So I am writing one blog a week focused on the fellas.  And today, it’s about his token of love.  The wedding band for men.

We see this so often, married men who settle for a plain old band.  Nothing sporty, nothing glitzy, just straight-up simple. Which is fine, no judgement here.

But, there are more options out there! From hand-made to polished wood, there are even rings made out of antlers!

Whether you are about to get hitched, are a newlywed, or just looking for a ring refresher, I’ve found the most unique rings on the market, check it:


Leaf imprint for those fall weddings.

Black Diamond Rings Source

I love this crackled look!

Recycled Metal Ring Source

Getting green up in here.

Titanium and Deer Antler Ring Source

This is one of my absolute favorites!!  This ring is for the avid outdoorsman.

Meteorite Ring Source

Outer space.  Hello.  Need I say more?

Gold Wood Grain Printed Ring Source

So major in so many ways.  Wood imprinted gold.  Au79 Magic.

Black Tungsten Carbide Ring Source

I love this pattern and cut on this ring, it looks sophisticated and sleek.  Tre’ Chic’!

Cz Wedding Band Source

A modern twist on a traditional mens wedding band.

Gold Wheat Patterned Ring Source

Simple yet detailed.

The Binary Ring Source

This one is my favs.  I can channel my inner nerd on this one because you can engrave your own personal love message to your lady on this gem. Even if you aren’t a computer guru, this ring has a very sleek, sophisticated, modern design.

Live it up, get crazy and find the ring that brings out your personality.

Happy Monday everyone!



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FALL-ing For Festive Treats

It’s finally here, what you have all been waiting for, the season of tall boots, layers, scarves, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes! Fall festivities are beginning to unfold, and many clients enjoy giving their guests special treats to make them feel right at home. We have provided many examples to include those festive favorites into your colorful fall wedding. From s’mores, to cider, to pies we have provided treats that will hit your sweet spot. Look below to spark ideas on how to incorporate these delights into your day.


You can always add toppings that wouldn’t normally be on top of a traditional caramel apple such as Oreo cookie crumbles.


Add a caramel drizzle on top of these apple pies to give them a little extra POP.


Here is another variety of individual pies, and your guests may also take one home!


Give your guests a box of love filled with your favorite s’more ingredients.


Simple, yet perfect.


Everyone has their favorite fall candies, place small baggies to the side so your guests may also enjoy them later.


Truffles come in many different fall flavors including chi, hazelnut, and pumpkin spice.


I know of a few family members that would devour this caramel popcorn.


Mason jars could be used in place of take home bags.


You can create your trail mix bar to satisfy your taste buds.


The cutest hot chocolate display I have ever seen. Love the classic tea cups!


Apple cider is the perfect hospitality beverage while your guests wait for the wedding party to arrive.


Don’t just have a plain cooler, use a pumpkin instead!


Creative jello shots! Click on the source to find out how to make them.


Include a specialty fall drink for your guests to enjoy throughout the night.

If you are looking to host a wedding with memorable food items, a few of these might top the list! Each treat can be dressed up, or down, to create the vibe you are looking to bring to your wedding. Many of these can even be combined to create a irresistible dessert table. While enjoying the change of the fall scenery here in Colorado find your inspiration to capture this beautiful time of year in your wedding decor!

LAKER & Stacey B

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What to Wear to a Fall Wedding as a Guest.

I personally love it when I have any excuse to buy a fabulous new dress.  Being invited to a wedding gives me valid reason to hit the stores. I am sure I am not alone on this one. Although sometimes it can be tricky to know exactly what to wear, what the required attire is and what to avoid.

First thing, DO NOT wear a white dress to your friend or family’s wedding as a guest. It’s just bad form, even if it is a causal wedding. Sometimes we see this at weddings and it’s weird when two women are running around in a white dresses. Also, you never want to out-do the bride.  It’s her wedding and the focus should be on her and her hubby, no need to go overboard with the sequins on this one. Then there’s the Causal, Cocktail and Formal attire normally stated on the invite.  How to dress appropriately. Heres a good idea on some major sweet dresses you can wear for each attire request and nail it in the fashion department. Specifically for those Autumn Weddings.


A well-dressed guest in a casual style, which defines as “neat, conventional, yet relatively informal in style, especially when worn to conform to a particular dress code. Casual can be a simple blue jumper to a floral and flowy dress that is comfortable.


Mara Hoffman Fall 2014 Source

A.P.C Fall 2014 Source


The modern definition of a cocktail dress is commonly taken to mean a shorter dress around knee length. It has to be smart, like a little black dress or darker tones and can have a little embelshment such as sequins or lace. At semi-formal occasions, a less elaborate, shorter-length cocktail dress may be worn.

Barbara Tfank Fall 2014 Source

Chalayan Fall 2014 Source

Jason Wu Fall 2014 Source


Us gals generally have a larger choice of formal attire for black tie events. A formal evening gown is most traditional. Jewelry choice should be still the best a woman owns, and shoes should be appropriate to the dress. When dancing is a part of the event, it would be wise to choose a dress that will allow for this; a skintight gown might not be the best option.

Givenchy Fall 2014 Source

Marchesa Fall 2014 Source

Lanvin Fall 2014 Source

Zac Posen Fall 2014 Source

This is a good basic guide on how to get through those attire reccomendations.  Leave the jeans and T-shirts at home as any wedding is indeed a special occasion.  And dressing up is fun!



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