Chandelier Options for Your Wedding

This week we are excited to share with you cute, clever, and chic ideas for the use of chandeliers at your big event! Who knew a light fixture could make such a big impact on your, even, bigger day? This decor element is certainly something that will brighten up your wedding and leave you absolutely glowing!


The use of chandeliers at the ceremony site is something I absolutely adore. It is a simple fix for adding a little something without being over-the-top. This gives the space a natural and very romantic feel. Just look at this photograph! I am in awe of the simple elegance.

(source 1), (Lang Photographers), & (source 3)


Here are more examples of using chandeliers in an outdoor space. This allows your reception to feel cozy and fresh. The mix of greenery and beautiful hanging glass really allows the outdoor room to become a place of grace and unique style. No matter your taste, almost anyone can fall in love with this! In addition, almost any decor plan can go along great as well. Pick the chandelier of your choice and let your backyard wedding come alive.

(source 1) & (source 2)

Moving the party indoors is certainly just as fun! Look at how different these two types of chandeliers are. Amazingly, the spaces of which they are hung in are very similar. This proves that no matter how rustic or woodsy your venue may seem, your personal preferences can truly make the event specialized for your tastes. Mixing in a little vintage feel is never a bad thing!

 Clockwise (, (, (source), & (source)

(Jared Wilson)

(source 1), (source 2), & (source 3)

The pictures above show you just how unique this lighting trend can get. Whether it is the use of mason jars, piling together antlers, or simply adding flowers to the fixture, these are all ideas that could definitely come in handy. Feel free to get creative! And FYI, many of these chandeliers can be purchased at How fun!

(Jarred Wilson)

And finally, for the bride who wants to sparkle! Here are some photos from an event that took crystal lighting to a new level of glitz and glammer. These pictures are for your inner “girly girl”. Just look at how the chandeliers really make the ballroom come alive. You definitely feel like a princess at this party.

Hope all these examples have been helpful and inspiring! Have a great week and keep your eye out for more chandelier trends to be hitting the wedding scene in the coming year!


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