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Friday Florals: Sweet Peas

A simply gorgeous flower, sweet peas are native to the shores of Sicily, Italy. Bringing out their natural beauty isn’t too complicated when they are placed in full sunlight. Sweet peas love to strap on their hiking boots and climb! They can grow up to almost seven feet tall and reseed for the rest of...

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The Hipster Groom

The Hipster “trend” is taking over the Denver scene in so many ways. It is obviously noticeable in many different elements of style, design, restaurants, and neighborhoods. The word Hipster is a tricky one because of course, anyone who thinks they are a hipster, probably isn’t. Still there are tell-tale signs, and I am LOVING...

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Backyard Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower season is definitely upon us. In fact, for some of us, it is a whirlwind of bridal showers, consecutive weekends booked in celebrating engagements and adorning friends with love and gifts. I have been lucky to attend a shower or two (or ten) and always hope for a fun filled day with girlfriends...

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Inspiration Board ~ Peach, Khaki and Aqua

Today a quick little design inspiration board of a color combination that I am seeing a lot of this year. AND…I like it. Take a look!!!    ~Love, Stacy    Send article as PDF   

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April Showers, Rainy Day Wedding Style

Ah, its April and Colorado is well known for it’s unpredictable weather. Last week it was 75 degrees and sunny, this weekend it rained and as of  this morning, I am shoveling snow off of my driveway! Needless to say, April is a unpredictable month, especially for weddings. The best thing to do when it...

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