The Moment When Your Wedding Cake Steals the Show…

Wedding cakes come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, decorations and flavors. Your wedding day cake will be truly yours. Whether you want a simple naked cake or eighty of the craziest cupcakes around, make sure it fits your style and personality. Here are some beautiful cakes that might just steal the show!

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Cake Inc. is a great company out of Melbourne, Australia. Their cakes are so gorgeous! We could not leave their site. This periwinkle beauty is one of my favorites. And, it looks so gorgeous next to this willow inspired cake.

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From classic and mid-century modern to botanical, your wedding cake will scream your style! Or just scream for you to take a bite. Speaking of biting, one of our favorite bakeries, Kim & Jake’s Cakes out of Boulder, Colorado are an exclusively gluten free bakery. But, I SWEAR you would never know! Their cakes, like the naked one on the bottom left, are so beautiful and sinfully good.

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I just love cakes with flowers on them. Real or edible, flowers can add such a sweet touch to your wedding day cake. We love these minted geometric designs, gold dots, or sugar petals!

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Simple and gold or crazy and colorful. Your wedding cake can be its own piece of art at your wedding. If anything steals the show on your wedding day it might as well be sweet! Have fun creating your design with your favorite wedding cake baker!


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