At Alexan Events, we do so much more for our clients than your average wedding florist/stylist. To us, it is paramount that each wedding or event be as personal, intimate and unique as those that it is being created for. We work tirelessly to ensure that you will have your perfectly designed event without compromise and with complete regard to your privacy.

With extensive experience in full wedding planning, we understand all of the aspects of the planning process and will work closely with your wedding or event planner during the entire design process. We know that planning a wedding can be stressful. There are so many decisions that you must make and so many vendors that you have to work with. We hope to set ourselves apart from the pac of vendors by providing you with peace of mind, knowing that all of the details of your design will be handled with care and expertise. Our goal is to take the pressure out of the decisions surrounding your flowers and decor. We listen carefully to your wants and desires keeping in mind any special considerations that you make known to us.

In addition to our experience in the field of planning, unlike other wedding florists/stylists, we have an extensive decor rental inventory available through our own rental company, we also have in-house interior and lighting designers to help bring your vision into reality. The result of the collaboration of our unique team is jaw-dropping cohesive design that will have you and your guests talking about how beautiful and unique your event was for years to come.


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