2018 Design Trend: Metallic Wedding Nails!

When it comes to your wedding day, it is simply not enough to have the perfect dress with spot on hair and makeup. You must also make sure that your nails are looking absolutely perfect. After all your hands are basically the stars of the show with all the new bling you will have to show off.

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When choosing the perfect nail color for your wedding day, you may want to think about matching a color you have chosen for your decor as well. Metallic colors like silver, gold and rose gold are making a comeback in 2018. What better place to show off those sparkles than on your fingers?!

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Whether you are into a classic look, geometric designs or glitter and sparkles, inspiration for your wedding day nail art is just a click away! Mix in another signature color like the pale blue above with little hints of the metal of your choice. Go with a matte finish for a toned down boho look.

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I love the combination of glitter and geometric designs in negative space in these rose gold designs. Go all out glam or mix in a neutral background to minimize the sparkle factor. You can’t go wrong!

The beauty of nail art is that you can go as wild or as tame as you feel comfortable with. Paying a little extra attention to things like custom nail art are the tiny details that can make a big impact . Add small details to your ring finger or alternate the design on each finger. The important thing is to choose a color and design that makes you feel like yourself.


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