Bringing Home Design to Your Wedding

I love interior design. From pillows and rugs to tearing out walls and adding tile, the whole process is amazing. However, as a wedding designer, you have to be able to think about the design of a wedding as a fleeting moment. When you put in a lounge, it doesn’t have to be practical for everyday wear and tear. It just has to look good in the moment. So, here are some of my favorite ideas to bring your interior design style into your wedding day decor!

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I love this boho decor inside the home and at an event. From the vintage couches to the white leather poofs, the look is stunning. Inside of the home, adding plants and a rug tie the whole look together.

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Rugs are essential to pulling together any style of lounge. All of these oriental rugs are amazing at creating the boho or eclectic look that everyone loves these days! From rugs down the aisle to a rug in your bedroom, the look can span both areas of your life! Consider bringing in your style to your wedding to make it feel homey and like you!


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