Choosing the Perfect Wedding Day Makeup

You have chosen your venue, picked the perfect dress to match, lined up the flowers and tasted your decadent food, now it is time to choose your “look”. After all, all eyes are going to be on you as you glide down the aisle towards matrimonial bliss. AND this day is going to be memorialized through the most technologically advanced, two katrillion megapixel telephoto lens, so you need to make sure that you look amazing.


So what are you thinking you want? The options are endless and when you search the internet or magazines for that perfect makeup, you are bound to get overwhelmed.  So let’s think about it from a perspective of the entire event.  It is just like everything else I tell my clients, you can’t ignore the other decisions you have made when you choose your wedding makeup.  I say that because when you decided on your oober formal, low backed, deep-v, taffeta, A-line dress for your museum wedding, you did so because it fits your style AND the space. While you can do anything that suits you when it comes to fashion, it seems that people typically don’t wear a super informal, high wasted, lace, flowy, casual gown to a super elegant formal museum wedding, so you probably would not couple your more elegant gown with a very subtle natural makeup plan either.

Nope, for elegant, contemporary events such as those you would hold at a museum, drama is in store.  Drama comes in a few forms when it comes to makeup.  There is the high fashion smoky eye,  with serious statement lip stick, in shades of red or orange, there is the less intense eye paired with a statement lip and there is retro period makeup, any of which would be an excellent choice for a museum, an art galleries, intimate high glam restaurants, or Five Star hotels.

 Source 1 / Source 2

Source 3 / Source 4

 Retro looks that are full of drama come from many decades gone by.

The fabulous 50s and 60s-

Source 5 / Source 6

Source 7

Of course, super drama is not the answer to every brides makeup  question.  Sometimes you are getting married in a lovely garden or on a mountain top and you need something more natural, more subtle.  Spring garden weddings are a great place to show off your natural glow. Dewy pinks and peaches cast you in an ethereal light.

Source 8 / Source 9

Mountain top ceremonies followed by ballroom receptions in chic mountain hotels allow for a more sophisticated soft pallet.

Source 10 / Source 11

This style is so timeless and lovely! The nude or light lips looks amazing in person.

The last makeup application I want to talk about is model makeup.  This style embodies aggressive amounts of makeup that create HUGE impact and photograph flawlessly.  But as you can imagine, this is not for the faint of heart. Most people are not used to wearing this much makeup, but I say, shoot, GO FOR IT, you only get married once and you should feel glamorous!  And as I mentioned, you will not be disappointed with the way you look in pictures as more makeup defines your features and adds depth in photographs!

Source 12


Source 13 / Source 14

Your wedding should be a reflection of you and that is why you made the choices that you made with the other elements of your wedding. Makeup is no different.  But regardless of whether or not your are more adventurous, soft or edgy, you have the chance to really express yourself and explore all that the enhancement world has to offer, so have some fun!

~Love, Stacy

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