Colorful Wedding with Class For any Budget

Last year, almost every wedding was green, blush and white. Well, ok maybe this is every year. The look is classic, simple and romantic. However, for the bride who wants a little more pep in her step, wants to throw an energetic hoedown, who wants color with class, this post is for you with a subdued undertone. I wanted to focus on color that was more jewel-toned and just little splashes of color to bring in color without hurting the eyes.

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As a wedding designer in Denver, Colorado, I see all the styles. And, I have to be honest, I love them all! I love  creating new and different designs so I embrace the colorful bride’s vision. I love mixing and matching colors to create a color palette that screams personality while still maintaining class.

Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 Source 4

When going colorful, consider sticking with a few key colors and branching out from there. for instance, I am super in love with emerald green mixed with magenta, burgundy or purples. The look is romantic and a jewel toned dream!


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