Cute and Classy Getting Ready Outfit Ideas!

There are so many decisions to be made leading up to your wedding day, from decor and flowers to music, food and who will sit next to who at the reception. There are so many different places to add a little piece of you and your fiance’s personalities and style to make your wedding day different from all the rest. One really fun place to bring a little bit more of your unique flair is to what you wear while you and your ladies are getting ready. This time should set the tone for the day and put you at ease before the celebration begins. Most importantly, you should be comfortable!

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Stay comfortable and create some really cute photo opportunities while you are getting your hair and makeup done by providing matching (or mixed and matched) robes for each of your ladies. My personal favorite are these amazing floral print robes by Plum Pretty Sugar. Aside from super cute floral robes, Plum Pretty Sugar is a great resource for pretty much every outfit you might need for your wedding weekend.

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Rompers, pajama sets, sundresses and oversized button downs, there are so many stylish outfit choices for the morning of your wedding! Again, floral prints are my personal favorite, but the options are endless. One important thing to remember with whatever option you choose is that it needs to have buttons are a wide enough neck opening so you can take it off without touching your face.

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Personalized shirts or shirt dresses for your favorite ladies to wear is another great option, and I love the group in matching tights above! As cute as all these ideas are, you may just want to take a second and think about what makes you feel the most like you. You can have so much fun thinking of ways to make your getting ready photos unique, but again, the most important things are that you are comfortable and able to relax.


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