Decor Design Favorite: Lanterns!

It doesn’t matter if you like the laid back rustic mountain vibe or clean and modern, there is a place for lanterns in every decor theme and style. At Alexan Events we have a large selection of lanterns in our decor inventory that can be paired with just about any decor you choose. Take a look at some of our favorite tried and true ways to use lanterns that will take your special day to the next level.

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Your altar and ceremony site are an excellent place to put lanterns on display. It doesn’t have to be dark out to appreciate the stylistic beauty of assorted lanterns as part of your decor.

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This time of year when the days are still rather short and that sunset ceremony quickly turns to twilight, lanterns will help set that soft romantic mood. Paper lanterns lining the walkway to the reception or hanging from the trees overhead will give all your photos that perfect warm glow.

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It is hard to choose a favorite way to display lanterns, but filling or covering them with flowers and greenery is naturally one of our top three! Use a combination of blooms and candles to light your event as it moves into the evening or forget the candles altogether and fill your lanterns to overflowing with flowers. The top two photos above are a particular Alexan Events favorite from one of our lovely clients who was married at the Chapel at Beaver Creek. We used assorted lanterns, candles and gorgeous blooms to line the stairs and doorway outside as well as the entire aisle and altar inside and the affect was breathtaking! Photos above provided by the fabulous Jamee Photography.

From table centerpieces or bar decor to hanging displays and aisle markets, lanterns are very versatile. Use as few or as many as you feel creates the proper mood, but let’s face it,  you can never have too many lanterns.


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