Design Trend: Smilax!

Smilax is an amazingly strong and long-lasting vine that has become a staple design element for many wedding florists. This thick climbing plant is a thriving native in tropical and subtropical climates with about 300-350 species worldwide, 20 of which can be found growing in North America. Even though this vine is not native to the dry climate of Colorado, smilax is readily available through wholesalers and always a favorite. Continue reading to see some of great ways to use this versatile vine.

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Flexible and strong, smilax not only makes an excellent base for floral design elements in your wedding but it can also stand alone creating beautifully organic forms and backdrops.

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Colorado is such a popular destination for weddings with it’s gorgeous mountain scenery and amazing weather and taking advantage of this natural beauty, many couples choose to host their receptions outside. As there is no guarantee with Mother Nature, a tent is a must for these outdoor receptions and, of course, many tents need a little sprucing up and this is where smilax comes in. Smilax greenery draped across the ceiling of a tent, cabin or covering chandeliers is a simple design element that goes a long way. The bottom picture above is one such Alexan Events creation at the Westin Riverfront in Beaver Creek.

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We love greenery garlands in all their forms. Smilax offers a more cost effective and organic alternative to the tightly wound garlands used to drape altars, entryways, bars and so much more.

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Table tops are another prime location to take advantage of the versatility of smilax vine. A simple garland with copious amounts of candles will create a simple and elegant tablescape or incorporate smilax into table centerpieces for a natural garden feel.

These are just a small sampling of the beautiful ways that the smilax vine can be used to dress up a space. Strong and forgiving while adding a soft and organic feeling to any event, I hope you can see why this versatile plant has such a powerful presence.


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