Design Trend: Tropical Leaves In Your Wedding Decor!

At Alexan Events we absolutely love living and working in the mountains! Sometimes, however, it is necessary to take a little trip way south and experience the vastly different landscape and variety of native foliage and flowers. I thought I would take a little trip with our flowers today and show you some really fun and different ways to incorporate large tropical leaves into your wedding day decor.

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Just as in the mountains, pulling inspiration from your natural surroundings in a tropical climate opens the door for tons of color and texture. I could go on and on about all the different types of large tropical leaves that are available and just waiting to be put on display in altar structures, aisle garlands, centerpieces and even bouquets!

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The large smooth monstera leaf, as seen above, is a forever favorite when we get the chance to use a little tropical flavor in our decor. Large drooping palm fronds are also a really fun foliage that has the potential to add some pretty stunning height and volume to your centerpieces. If you want to keep things a little more subdued than towering centerpieces there is always the option for using tropical foliage as a vehicle for displaying menus or escort signage.

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Tropical foliage can find a happy home in your bridal bouquet as well. Calathea leaves, as seen in the top two photos, are a great product to highlight these tropical touches without going over the top with the size of the leaves themselves. Calathea comes in a beautiful variety of variegated leaves that will look amazing tucked in with your favorite tropical, or non-tropical, blooms.

Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box with your floral choices whether you are getting married on the coast or in the mountains. At Alexan Events we are here to help you design your floral plan around what you love best!


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