Elopement Ideas for the Adventurers!

Elopements are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. I know of a handful of my good friends who have eloped. While I am going with an elopement-style wedding this summer (think barefeet, pizza, and intimate family in the woods) a true elopement is one where the wedding is just you, your partner, an officiant and maybe a witness or two. So, for arguments sake, here are some elopement ideas for those who want to have themselves, an officiant, and nature behind them during their marriage!

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Whether your are going towards an elopement by way of your City Hall or if you envision being married in the middle of the woods, the possibilities are endless! From a planning standpoint, there is just as much going into an elopement as there can be for a wedding depending on what you are aiming for. For instance, do you and your partner want to send out announcements? Before or after your elopement? Do you need transportation? Where will you be staying? Etc. However, the essence of an elopement (and a wedding for that matter) that I hold dear is that is is all about LOVE. It is only about the love you share and how you want to express that to each other.

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Speaking of announcements, I love the simplicity of this beauty that can be found on Etsy. “Nothing fancy just LOVE”. Perfect. Since you will be eloping and saving a lot of money, you can splurge a little more to have a photographer, a videographer, hair, decor and flowers if you want! As wedding florists and designers at Alexan Events, we love creating designs for small elopements. Whether you have close family to dinner or just the two of you enjoying a picnic, we love designing elopement spaces. Have fun planning and remember it is all about the love!


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