Flower and Greenery Garlands for your Ethereal Wedding Day

As a wedding florist in the Rocky Mountain West in Denver, Colorado, I naturally have an aversion to very organic and loose flower arrangements. Spending so much time outdoors and in the natural world, I have developed an immense appreciation for very organic flower arrangements that really bring the wild essence of the forest into a wedding design. Here are some of my favorites.

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Smilax is a beautiful green to add to any wedding day garland, altar, fireplace etc. The body to the green with its amazing structure allow it to flow in a beautifully organic way. Add in touches of flowers to brighten the design just a little more.

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I love any and all ideas for designs that can be unique or break the mold a little bit. From a hanging altar to two flower arrangements mimicking an altar, the designs are amazing, endless and organic. Whatever direction you go with your wedding day flowers, maybe this will help you think outside of the box a little bit! Have fun, my mountain mamas!


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