Fresh Herbs to Grace your Wedding Decor!

Summer is here, and with summer comes the ripening of fruit in the garden and the growth of aromatic and refreshing herbs. No matter how large or small my garden has been over the years, I have always had fresh herbs growing in the summer time. Because I love having fresh herbs around so much, I even try to work them into my floral design plans as often as possible. Today’s blog is a tribute to these delightfully scented plants and how they can be a beautiful addition to any wedding day floral theme.

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Dress up your aisle with potted plants of rosemary, sage and lavender, attach a sprig to each escort card, tuck a sprig into each napkin or create a herb infused take away for each guest. There are a million different fun and creative ways to liven up your wedding decor with fresh herbs.

Source1 Source2 Source3 Source4 Source5

Just think of the amazing scent you will enjoy by adding fresh herbs to your bridal bouquet! Rosemary, mint and lavender will refresh and calm you as you take a few deep breaths before walking down the aisle. Give your guests the same pleasure by gracing your centerpieces with stems of fresh herbs or by creating the entire display out of potted plants.

Adding an element to your floral design that carries with it a pleasing fragrance will create the perfect atmosphere. From small herbal accents like springs on your grooms boutonniere, to designing your entire decor and floral theme around fresh herbs, I can’t think of a better way to treat all the senses.


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