Friday Floral – Amaryllis!

As we enter into this Holiday season I must highlight one of the most iconic holiday flowers, the amaryllis. This large beautiful bloom is a staple of Christmas centerpieces so much so that many may not entertain the thought of making use of it at other times and for other purposes. Continue reading to see some colorful, traditional and nontraditional ways to incorporate this stunning flower into your floral plan.

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Of all flowering bulbs, the amaryllis is the easiest to bring to bloom. The flowers typically bloom between December and June although in the floral industry the best time for these beauties is Winter and early Spring. For this reason these are great bulbs to keep around your house to add some bright color during the winter months.

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Amaryllis blooms range in color from deep burgundy and red to white, pink, peppermint, peach and orange. The large number of colors to choose from makes the amaryllis flower quite versatile in bouquets.

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The large smooth petals of the amaryllis flower provide an amazingly stunning focal flower for any centerpiece. I love the use of these nontraditional colored amaryllis blooms mixed with a bright late spring floral theme! On the other hand, however, you can never go wrong with an all white color scheme. Monochromatic color schemes really give you the chance to play with the shapes and textures of flowers.

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For the holiday wedding or for those still looking for the traditional Christmas decor, the solid red or white amaryllis will always be the perfect large blooms to really the statement you want. As we gear up for our Alexan Events holiday celebrations and a dreamy winter wedding in Beaver Creek this weekend, we are keeping all these traditional elements in mind with our own florals and decor and the amaryllis is no stranger. There is still time as the holidays come into full swing to add this iconic flower to your decor! Happy Holidays!


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