Friday Floral – Anemone!!

Second to the peony, the beautiful anemone is probably the most loved flower by brides and wedding florists alike. The anemone comes in a vase array of colors ranging from pure white with a black or green center to pale pink, brilliant red, deep purple, magenta and moody burgundy. For the sake of today’s post, I will be focusing on perhaps the most recognizable and most commonly used, pure white anemone with a black center.

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As a testament to our love for the white anemone, above are examples of two Alexan Events weddings from last season in Beaver Creek where the anemone played a staring role. The first was a winter wedding at Zach’s Cabin, photographed by Jamee Photography, where the anemones in Heidi’s bouquet and centerpieces opened perfectly and simply left us all speechless! The second was photographed by Lisa O’Dwyer at Beano’s Cabin where, on the first day of fall, the anemones for Patty’s bouquet and centerpieces stood out against white blooms and lush cedar and oak greenery.

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The white anemone is at home in virtually any floral color scheme as seen above. I just love how the black centers complement other deep burgundy blooms and stand out against an all white and green bouquet.

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Delicate, yet strikingly beautiful the white anemone is versatile and relatively cost effective most of the year. Whether it be a simple bouquet of only anemones or a few blooms tucked here and there in a bouquet or centerpiece, the affect is no less stunning. For show-stopping bouquets and a wish of good luck, choose the white anemone for you wedding day floral theme and you will not be disappointed!


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