Friday Floral – Anthurium!

This month I have been focusing on tropical plants and flowers and today I will be continuing that trend. Maybe because February is one of the coldest months in Colorado, so my southern upbringing has me thinking about warmer climates. Whatever the reason, with flurries flying here in Denver, today I give you the amazingly unique tropical bloom, the anthurium.
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Coming from a family with over 1000 different species the anthurium originated in the warm, humid climates of northern Mexico and Argentina. The anthurium can be found in a wide variety of colors ranging from bright red to pale pink, orange, green and white as well as many variegated options.

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The pale pink, red and white anthurium are big hits this time of year with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. As you can see, the shape of this flower closely resembles a heart. With long straight slender stems the anthurium provides florists with creative design opportunities. Whether your designs are geometric or flowing garden style it is fun to find different ways to highlight this super unique flower.

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The broad flat shape and unique colors of the anthurium make them a pleasantly unexpected addition to any bridal bouquet. Even if your overall theme is not tropical, this flower is sure to find a happy home. Just look at what a stunning complement it makes to the bouquet of white and blush roses above.

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Bringing in elements from my blog posts about King Protea and large Tropical Leaves, the anthurium pairs well with both of these elements above. Whether it be a focal flower or a complement to your favorite blooms, from large statement pieces and altar structures to the smallest details of your wedding, the anthurium will start conversations. At Alexan Events we love adding unexpected elements like this tropical beauty to our floral designs to really make them memorable.


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