Friday Floral – Butterfly Ranunculus!

The absolutely stunning butterfly ranunculus is the star of today’s floral blog.

As the name tells you, this incredible little flower is a close relative of another one of my personal favorites, the ranunculus. The butterfly ranunculus, however, appears much more carefree with it’s paper thin petals that fold back like the delicate wings of a butterfly. The color of the butterfly ranunculus is much softer than it’s ruffly relative as well.

With their soft, dark eyes the butterfly ranunculus pairs perfectly with the anemone as seen in the bouquet above. This beauty adds a light and airy feel to any bouquet or floral centerpiece that is lucky enough to be graced with its presence. If you are as much in love with the whimsical and garden-style arrangement as we are, you will be absolutely head-over-heels for the butterfly ranunculus!


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