Friday Floral – Camellia Foliage!

The camellia is a beautiful plant that grows quite prolifically in the southernmost regions of the U.S. and is the star of this Friday Floral blog. A dense shrub with brilliant foliage, the camellias flowers bloom in a every shade of pink, but the reason for such interest by florists is the amazing foliage.

Camellia foliage is very hardy and will stand up quite well out of water, which makes it an excellent choice for bouquets and boutonnieres.

The beautiful deep green of camellia foliage brings depth and volume to any floral arrangement it graces. Gently curved and branching stems provide the perfect armature for everything from lush garden style centerpieces to rounded, more traditionally styled designs.

Growing up in the south, I was always surrounded by these amazing plants, but I have learned to appreciate them more with absence. As a floral designer in Colorado, I relish every opportunity to incorporated the camellia into bouquets and centerpieces. I hope that, through this post, you can see why I love the camellia so much.


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