Friday Floral – Cedar!

Oh Cedar! Cedar is one of my all time favorite greens to use in floral arrangements! As florists we always look forward to early fall when the eucalyptus of summer starts to diminish and cedar begins to pop up here and there in floral plans. There isn’t much better than a beautiful fall or winter garland full of cascading branches of cedar!

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There are several different varieties of cedar foliage but of the most readily available and two of my favorites are red cedar and incense cedar. While red cedar is the standard variety that most people will picture when they think of this greenery, incense cedar, pictured above, is a variety whose seed cones form small green to yellow buds on the ends of the foliage. These seed cones create a beautiful jewel-like affect to this typically green foliage.

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Centerpieces and table garlands are complemented by cedar greenery in the fall and winter. A very long lasting foliage, cedar is perfect for an outdoor wedding reception or holiday party.

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Even though a flower or greenery may only come in one color, that doesn’t mean that we can’t take a little artistic license make a few changes. Consider spray painting a few branches of cedar to add a bit of gold or silver to your bouquets and floral arrangements.

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Cedar is a very sturdy and forgiving greenery making it the perfect touch of texture to add to boutonnieres, corsages and event the floral crown in your hair. Though cedar is typically available all year round at our flower wholesalers, fall and winter are our favorite times to incorporate this foliage. A beautiful bright and hardy greenery that will be able to withstand both the harsh cold during your outdoor ceremony at a location like Devil’s Thumb Ranch as well as the heat of the fire inside. Cedar can really go a long way in any floral design!


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