Friday Floral – Chocolate Cosmos!

This week is all about the beginning of fall! I must admit I get very excited after Labor day has passed when the days begin to cool and the colors begin to change. In honor of the first day of fall tomorrow, I bring you the chocolate cosmos for this Friday Floral, a true fall beauty.

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Besides the drop in temperatures, one thing that I love the most about this time of year is the transition from the bright colors of summer to the deep moody tones of autumn. In my opinion, the chocolate cosmos is the ultimate embodiment of what a fall flower should be. It even has a faint chocolate scent!

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The wily and unpredictable nature of the long, slender stems of this flower bring depth, volume and texture to any floral arrangement or bouquet. I love the contrast of the deep chocolate color against warm white and pale pink blooms almost as much as I do when it is complemented by dark burgundy and purple.

The chocolate cosmos may be a tiny flower, but it is definitely mighty! At Alexan Events we most often look for large blooms when trying to make a statement with a centerpiece or bouquet, but this beauty is the stunning exception to the rule.


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