Friday Floral – Clematis!

With its flowing tendrils and delicate star-shaped blooms, clematis can add the perfect amount of wild and whimsical to your wedding day centerpieces and bouquets. Widely considered to be the queen of the vines, the slender and flexible stems lend themselves to easy use in all types of flower arrangements. Today I bring you a few beautiful examples of how to incorporate this gorgeous bloom into your floral theme.

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There are hundreds of varieties of clematis flowers with blooms as large as saucers to as small as tiny bells and colors that range from brilliant white to every shade of purple and pale pink to blue or red. Most often in the wedding industry we see beautiful white or purple clematis in the spring time when the city of Denver is also covered in these lush vines. It doesn’t matter how many times I have seen them, every time I walk past a fence covered in deep purple clematis flowers surrounded by large green leaves, they just take my breath away.

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Whether you choose to have just a single bloom in your wedding day flower arrangements or you choose to center everything around this stunning flower, you will not be disappointed. Even a single flower can make a huge impact!


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