Friday Floral – David Austin Garden Roses!

This post is both for the lovers of roses and especially for those that say “No Roses”! For those who believe they dislike all roses, let me introduce you to the David Austin Garden Roses. These amazingly intricate blooms are not your everyday “by the dozen” roses but instead look more like the delicate ruffly petals of a peony and they smell absolutely heavenly! On this Friday I will outline four of Alexan Events most beloved, sweet smelling garden roses.

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One of the most popular garden roses especially in the wedding world, and for good reason. The soft peachy-apricot petals of the Juliet are perfectly arranged and nestled in the heart of each bloom. The Juliet roses have large heads and a soft fragrance with notes of lilac and sweet vanilla.

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With very large heads and striking two-toned blooms, the Edith rose is sure to make a statement in any bouquet as it opens from a cup shape to form a classic, quartered rosette. Gold and peach tones in the center with deep pink exterior petals, Edith would make an excellent floral choice for any boho wedding. Edith also has a delicate fruity fragrance with hints of raspberry and vanilla.

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With colors that range from soft pink to cream, the Keira may be one of the smaller garden roses, but it looses nothing in style. Each flower has layers and layers of petals which give this bloom a waved appearance. Each individual flower varies slightly in color, a quality that makes every bouquet or centerpiece all the more unique.

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A delightful medium-sized frilled rose with pale cream on the outer petals and buttery yellow on the inner petals, Patience is a highly sought after wedding flower. Patience has fragrant scents of fruit, lilac and spice that blend into an earthy lemon aroma. This rose has a classic button center with countless petals that give it the appearance of lace.

Whether you were previously a lover of roses or not, I hope this post has helped you to see and appreciate the unparalleled beauty of these stunning flowers. At Alexan Events, as much as we love trying new and different styles and playing with out-of-the-ordinary blooms, there will always be a special place in our hearts for these garden roses.


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