Friday Floral – Hellebore!

The hellebore, an absolutely stunning little beauty that emerges in mid to late winter when spring begins to knock at our doors and often last all the way through spring. A native of Europe and Asia, with bright green branches of flowers was popular with late 17th century gardeners and is enjoying a renaissance today. Sometimes called the “Christmas Rose” or “Lenten Rose” there are about 20 different varieties that all fit under the hellebore umbrella.

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Despite their nickname and their similarity to the wild rose, the hellebore is not related to rose but rather to the ranunculus family. Beautiful bell or cup-shaped flowers either single or double blooms and lacy, umbrella-like foliage.

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Blooms range white-green through pink to a deep violet and sometimes even have freckles on the petals. I just love how the hellebore looks when put on display in a simple boutonniere with just a touch of greenery.

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Arrange a small bouquet with only hellebore or mix them in with your favorite blooms. You really can’t go wrong any way you choose to use this beauty. There is just enough color variation in each flower that you can use a mix of colors together in the same bouquet for more depth and value range.

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Blossoms sometimes face outward but more often nod gently downward creating a gorgeous site when arranged in vase all on their own. The hellebore is surprisingly frost-resistant which makes them an Alexan Events favorite for our winter brides at a location like Devil’s Thumb Ranch which can have quite extreme temperatures. I hope you can see what I do in the gorgeous little blooms and consider them in your winter wedding floral plan!


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