Friday Floral – Ilex Berry!

Ilex berry, also appropriately called winter berry, is probably the most iconic berry of winter and Christmas. Leafless branches covered in tight clusters of brilliant red berries, this is a show stopper for sure! The ilex berry is native to Canada and the United States in the eastern regions as it prefers a more humid climate.

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For the gardener in Northern regions this winter shrub with its bright berries is a welcome sight in December when the warm colors of autumn have faded and snow begins to settle on the ground. Not surprisingly this berry is much loved by birds as well.

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The ilex berry is a unique addition to floral arrangements that are not Christmas themed as you can see in the top left photo. The combination of pale blooms mixed with the bright red berry, and of course cedar, is unexpected and absolutely stunning as a table centerpiece. On the other hand, the red ilex paired with all red blooms like the tulip or amaryllis is always a great choice.

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For the bride that is just nuts about Christmas why not make it the theme of your wedding? Ilex berry is the perfect touch to a soft white Christmas bridal bouquet.

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As florists and designers at Alexan Events it’s hard to decide which is our favorite way to use ilex berry for holiday themed arrangements. A branch nestled here and there in a vase or planter filled with evergreen and magnolia or simply placed in a vase all on its own. A great way to impress your holiday guests is to fill a huge vase with this beautiful berry surrounded by small vases of a variety of other red blooms. This display will make quite the statement! I hope this berry will give you some inspiration and that you are having as much fun decorating for the holidays as we are!


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