Friday Floral – Jasmine Vine!

A beautiful flower and greenery to add to any wedding day floral theme, jasmine vine is one of my favorite blooms of spring. Growing up in the south, jasmine vine covers up brick walls, fences and trellis’s in the spring with an abundance of delicate star-shaped flowers and fills the air with an intoxicating fragrance. In the floral industry in Colorado we try to use this little gem as much as possible when it comes available.

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With or without flowers, the jasmine vine add just enough green contrast and a beautiful organic feel to any bouquet or arrangement.

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Use the jasmine vine to its fullest potential and let its natural flow create the scene. Why try to tame something that is so naturally elegant?!

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Tucked in with your favorite blooms or a textural all greenery bouquet, the jasmine vine creates an airy and organic feel. Another positive quality is that jasmine stands up quite a bit better in bouquets than some other similar shaped options, namely ferns. The top left bouquet above is an Alexan Events creation for a beautifully intimate and unique ceremony at the Bridge at Coohills in Denver. I love the simplicity of the all white bouquet with just a touch of jasmine to give it life.

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Let’s not forget about all those other fun details like boutonnieres and yes, even the cake. A little sprig of jasmine vine with your signature bloom adds the perfect amount of light greenery for your man’s buttonhole. If light and airy is the feeling you are going for with your minimal white cake, then jasmine vine is the way to go.

The beauty of nature is that with each new season comes a whole new list of stunning blooms and greenery to choose from. At Alexan Events we love all the standards that are available all year long, but we especially love creating one-of-a-kind floral arrangements with those products that are only around for a short window. Getting to use these seasonal flowers will make your wedding flowers all the more special.


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