Friday Floral – King Protea!

King Protea, an incredibly unique tropical flower that looks like something straight out of a storybook. The largest member of the protea family, this flower features a white fuzzy center that gently slopes upward to a point. Spiky pink or white petals surround the center giving it a regal look; from the side it resembles a crown. Leathery green foliage surrounds the flower head and the thick stem that supports it.

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A member of the oldest families of flowers of earth, the protea dates back 300 million years, and according to Greek legend, are named after the shape-shifting Proteus, son of Poseidon. The protea flower symbolize diversity, transformation and courage, making them the perfect flower for a wedding.

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The king protea is absolutely stunning as one huge flower put on display all on its own. Alternatively, this magical bloom looks mesmerizing when surrounded by roses, dahlias and lots of textured greenery. The king protea dries quite exceptional as well so it will not go to waste after the wedding is over.

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This week we had the pleasure of designing some beautiful flowers for a styled photo shoot and launch party with Couture Colorado at ATC Denver. We took this opportunity to highlight the ever stunning king protea and the outcome was everything we hoped for! We designed a lush altar similar to the one seen above along with gorgeous table centerpieces and an oversized bridal bouquet brimming with king protea and eucalyptus. If you are really looking for a large and truly unique focal flower to WOW your wedding guests, the king protea is your ticket!


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