Friday Floral – Lavender!

Lavender, a widely known and much loved ornamental plant, culinary herb and essential oil is also a favorite of many summer brides. Lavender can be used all year round in its dried form and through the summer as a fresh addition to bouquets, boutonnieres and wedding centerpieces. This aromatic flower will add beautiful fragrance, delicious flavor and soft, subtle color to all aspects of your wedding day decor.

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I love adding fresh herbs to boutonnieres and bridal bouquets for beautiful color and fragrance and lavender definitely fits the bill! Here is Colorado, Palisade is known for it’s vast lavender fields and lavender festival every summer, making the use of this herb fit right into the Colorado Mountain Wedding theme.

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Summer is the best time to take advantage of the full spectrum of the lavender flower. The lavender plant can be used as a simple and budget friendly centerpiece or altar arrangement, while a small sprig of lavender on each place setting goes a long way with charm.

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Let’s not forget that taking advantage of every aspect of the lavender flower means enjoying its flavor in culinary delights and bubbly signature cocktails as well. This champagne cocktail boasts both the subtle flavor of lavender as well as small stem as garnish.

Take your lavender immersion as far as you like, but I promise you will not regret adding at least a hint of this deliciously aromatic flower to your wedding day decor.


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