Friday Floral – Lilac!!

Lilac, the breathtaking aromatic beauty that is every florists springtime favorite! If you ask me, the lilac season is too short, blooming for just a few short weeks in May. I absolutely love the luscious blooms and intoxicating scent that this flower produces in the the spring. Here in Denver, Colorado we are at the peak of lilac season right now, and as a tribute to this gorgeous flower that will be gone all too soon, I am dedicating this Friday Floral post to the lilac and all the beauty and inspiration she brings!

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The most commonly recognized color of the lilac flower is pale purple, but they also bloom in shades ranging from deep purple and burgundy to white, pale pink and pale yellow with single or double flower heads. Lilacs make excellent garden shrubs as they are easy to care for, will grow quite tall and are very attractive to bees and butterflies.

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As florists we try to snatch up as many lilac stems as we can during their short blooming window. Perfect for springtime bridal bouquets the shape of the lilac flowers can create a dramatic cascading and organic garden shape.

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What better flower to add to your guest table centerpieces than lilac with its intoxicating scent. Your guests will be in heaven with this stunningly beautiful and deliciously sweet smelling bloom at their table. Speaking of heaven, how amazing are these lush altar structures covered in lilac blooms?!

Depending on the color the lilac flowers are said to symbolize love, innocence and spirituality making them a superb choice for any wedding celebration. If you are thinking about a spring wedding but just can’t make up your mind about the exact date, ask your local florist or gardener about the height of lilac season, and your job will be made easy!


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