Friday Floral – Parrot Tulips!

The tulip, a spring favorite of gardeners and florists alike. I love when the end of spring approaches and I begin to see tulips shooting out from under the snow and begin to open with a vast array of bright, beautiful colors. There is one particular variety of tulip that became a fast favorite of mine after my introduction to the floral industry, the parrot tulip! Continue reading to see why I can’t seem to get enough of this deliciously ruffly bloom.

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The exotic parrot tulip begs to be the star of your garden or wedding floral theme with its showy, fringed and scalloped plumage. A flamboyant, late-blooming tulip with large blooms, the parrot tulip is a florists delight! The parrot tulip is available in more than 50 varieties which bloom in a wide range of colors from creamy yellow and bright orange to all shades of pink and white with green edges.

parrot tulips on bridal bouquetSource1 Source2 Source3 Source4 Source5 Source6

Parrot tulips have a larger bloom than most other tulip varieties which makes it a great addition to a bridal bouquet. Each flower has a unique variation in color often labeled as bi-color or even tri-color because many are edged in green. The middle left photo above is a particular favorite of Alexan Events as it was made for a styled shoot at Cherokee Castle and photographed by the sensational Jordan Weiland!

parrot tulips arranged as tabletop decorSource1 Source2 Source3 Source4 Source5 Source6

A large cluster of parrot tulips arranged loosely on their own create a simply beautiful table display. Mix parrot tulips with your favorite blooms for the perfect cascading, garden-style arrangement. Allow parrot tulips to open completely, as seen top right, and prepare to be amazed by their breathtaking size and color. In their wide open state, which can be as wide as 5 inches across, parrot tulips have sometimes even been confused with peonies. Truly a superstar of late spring, the parrot tulip speaks a language all its own and boldly proclaims its individuality from the standard tulip.


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