Friday Floral – Pincushion Protea!

A long-lasting flower in the same family as the much loved King Protea, the pincushion protea is the highlight of today’s brightly colored bouquets and floral designs. Blooming in shades of red, orange and yellow, the pincushion protea adds beautifully unique texture to any floral design.

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I really enjoy adding the exotic looking pincushion protea to bridal bouquets. This stunning flower brings in a pop of really unexpected texture, finding a happy home in virtually any color scheme. These bouquets above show just how versatile this flower can be, blending in with everything from soft pastels to bright summery blooms.

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Just think about how incredible it would be to live in South Africa, the native home of pincushion protea, and be able to look out your window to see bushes in full bloom! The striking appearance of this protea might make you feel as if you have stepped out onto another planet. For our purposes in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the pincushion protea is available for elaborate floral designs through our lovely local wholesalers.

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The pincushion protea appears to be one single flower, but in fact it is a composite bloom made up of many small flowers. The long lasting nature of this flower and incredibly unique appearance lends itself to the creation of everything from elaborate floral arrangements to simple cake toppers or boutonnieres. Add a little unexpected style to your wedding day floral plan with the pincushion protea!


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