Friday Floral – Ranunculus!

If I could write about the ranunculus for every Friday Floral I probably would. There is so much that I love about this amazing little flower. When I have the pleasure of incorporating the ranunculus into floral designs I have to stop myself from just standing and staring at all the little nuances in their delicate, ruffly petals. Continue reading to see why these are a favorite of every florist I know.

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Erin at Floret Flower Farm in Washington State is one of my favorite sources for keeping track of beautiful seasonal flowers. Seen above, she holds armloads of the most magnificent ranunculus you’ve ever seen. With over 600 varieties, it is easy to get lost in this magical flower.

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From pure white to deep burgundy and every shade in between, the ranunculus puts on a show in any bouquet or centerpiece. These flowers make an excellent complement to the ruffly rose and dinner plate dahlia surrounded with soft, trailing greenery.

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At Alexan Events, our all time favorite way to use ranunculus is to let them stand tall on their delicate, slender stems in lush garden-style arrangements as seen above.

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Often referred to as the rose of spring, it is easy to see why the ranunculus is a widely cultivated and much sought after flower by gardeners and florists alike.


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