Friday Floral – Star of Bethlehem!

According to the christian legend, the Star of Bethlehem was created by God to guide the wise men to the Christ Child. Its purpose was completed but God thought that it was too beautiful to be banished. So instead, it burst into thousands of pieces descending to the earth. The tiny bits of star then became the beautiful while flowers blanketing the hillsides. These white flowers were soon known by many as the Star of Bethlehem flowers.

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A member of the lily family the Star of Bethlehem is a winter bulb native to the Mediterranean and is quite similar to the wild garlic, only without the odor when crushed. Best planted in containers as this bulb is very prolific and can easily take over other ornamental bulbs when planted in a garden bed.

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This beautiful flower is shaped like a traditional star with 6 pure white petals and a small black or green center. The Star of Bethlehem is also associated with purity and happiness thus making it an excellent flower for a wedding bouquet or centerpiece.

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This gem is very easy to care for and has a rather long shelf life. What better choice for your man’s boutonniere?!

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A small cluster all on its own or combined with your favorite holiday blooms, this star-shaped flower with its long brilliant green stem looks simply stunning in any arrangement.  Whether you are decorating your home for the holidays or selecting the perfect additions to your wedding floral theme, the Star of Bethlehem will much needed add sparkle and shine.


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