Friday Floral – Sweet Peas!

Sweet Peas, that soft and delicate bloom of spring with an amazingly sweet and fruity fragrance. Native to Sicily, Cyprus and southern Italy the sweet pea is a vigorous climbing plant with tendrils that twine around whatever support is available. In the wild sweet peas are typically shades of purple, but since flower farmers have joined the game, the variety in this amazing flower has blossomed immensely.

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Here are just a few of the color choices when it comes to the aromatic sweet pea. These flowers were grown at Floret Flower Farm in Washington by a lovely flower farmer with a particular love for the sweet pea.

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Spring bouquet are the perfect place to showcase the stunning sweet pea. The beautiful shape of each bloom and their reaching stems gives any bouquet or centerpiece texture and depth. I just can’t get over the unique muted orange tones in the bottom left photo!

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Arrange sweet peas loosely in a vase all on their own or mix them in with other seasonal as you can see above. This flower adds a refreshing airy texture to designs and softens harsh edges.

Whether you are getting married in the spring or not, there is no reason to not take full advantage of the fragrance and style of the sweet pea. If you have no special event in which to use them, then I suggest enjoying a bunch at home on your table. After all, the love of flowers does not have to be reserved for only weddings!


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