Friday Floral – Thistle!

The blue thistle may be considered a weed in the gardening world, but it is a much loved design element in the floral industry. The distinctive snowflake-shaped bloom of the thistle contains small steel blue or white colored flowers with a cone center. In nature these unique flowers bloom from July through August, but they are readily available through our flower wholesalers all year long. Take a look below and see just a few reason why we love this plant so much.

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Also known as eryngium or sea holly, this flower can be used in bouquets and floral designs to add color, create shape and add unique texture.

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The thistle may just be perfect flower to add a hint of something blue to your bouquets or table centerpieces. Hardy and drought tolerant, this flower makes a great addition to any boutonniere, giving your man something unique without begin overly feminine.

For the couple searching for a special accent flower to fit their rustic Beaver Creek Mountain Wedding vibe, look no further than this texturally unique bloom. As the days cool and we transition from bright summer colors to the deep and warm tones of fall, add a little steely blue to your color palette and find out what all the fuss is about!


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