Friday Floral – Viburnum Berry!

The deep moody blue of the viburnum berry is definitely the color of the season. We have seen groomsmen dressed in suits of dark blue and tall taper candles of the same. I love the idea of choosing an accent color for a wedding from one of my favorite floral elements, and the viburnum is a beautiful choice.

A versatile floral element, viburnum can stand on it’s own as the focal point of a boutonniere, or it can be tucked into a bouquet to add texture and volume.

One amazing thing about viburnum is that it may appear darker or lighter depending on which flower it is placed next to. As you can see in the top middle, the viburnum appears quite bright as the berries catch and reflect the light colored blooms that surround them. By contrast, on the top right, the berries are barely visible next too moody burgundy, but provide beautiful deep tones and volume to the other flowers.

When more common berries like hypericum and brunia just won’t do, the stunning blue viburnum could be the that eye-catching that you have been missing.


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