Gifts for EVERYONE on your Wedding Day

As I am planning my own Rocky Mountain wedding, I am beginning to realize that the amount of gifts that my future husband and I have to give…No, let me rephrase that, WANT to give to our family and friends is growing. I love giving gifts. There is something about the process for me that feels beautiful and it is a way that I express my love. So, I have been on the quest to find the perfect gifts for those in our lives that we love the most. However, trying to find gifts that aren’t too cheesy, too expensive and too girly are hard to find! Here are some ideas to get your gift giving juices flowing!

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My fiancé was sitting next to me as I wrote this blog and I was asking him his opinion on some of these gifts. I showed him this photo of the socks and the father-in-law hook and he surprised me by his answer! He said that they would both love them. Well, I totally thought these were super cheesy and would get a laugh out of everyone. I guess I was wrong. So, when in doubt, go sentimental!

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Ive never been the type of girl to follow the girly trends. I did not like the Backstreet Boys (I know, I know, you might want to hurt me now) and I was not a fan of purple, EVER. So, finding bridesmaid, father of the bride and father-in-law gifts that were not typical and overly girly has been a fun little challenge. I love the label for the whisky for a father-in-law gift. If you have a FIN like mine who likes to party, then this is the perfect gift! A little sentiment and a little party time.


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