Hot Pink Wedding Decor For The Hottest Couple!

It doesn’t matter what time of year you are planning on getting married, you can always find a place for hot pink flowers and decor in your wedding! As we work on floral and decor proposal for some of our summer brides we are very happy to see this vivid color popping up on pinterest inspiration boards. Here are just a couple ways to bring this bright and beautiful color into your wedding day.

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When looking for the best place to incorporate hot pink, flowers are at the top of the list for us. Peonies, garden roses, simple stock or tropical bougainvillea, the options are plentiful. One fantastic thing about hot pink is that you can create so many different looks with the same color. Mix hot pink with moody burgundy and deep red for a sultry and romantic look or complement with shades of pale pink and blush for a soft and feminine feel.

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Food items may be the most difficult place to use your favorite color, but that doesn’t mean that this category is out completely. Think how sweet it would be to cut open your cake to reveal hot pink layers on the inside! Signature cocktails like this Prickly Pear Margarita and “Pretty In Pink” sparkling white wine lemonade are another great place to bring in this bright pop of color.

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A hot pink robe for getting ready or pink shoes are the perfect way to bring a touch of this color into your ensemble without going overboard. And we just love a guy who is comfortable wearing pink! Throw some hot pink suspenders and socks on your man and his buddies for a fun splash of color and some great photo ops. No matter the theme you are going for on your wedding day, make sure that your signature color shines just like you!


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