Hot Wedding Trend! Rustic Tropical Wedding Decor

Tropical rustic weddings are so hot right now. And you know what? I LOVE this trend. The look is simple, elegant, and relaxed. I feel so at ease looking at these designs. Here are some of my favorite ideas for creating your own rustic tropical wedding.

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I love the natural elements of these wedding and event designs. From the ratan chairs to the wood chargers and palm leaves, the look brings in the raw elements of the natural world. Being designers in Denver, Colorado, we are surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, rivers, National Parks etc. We love bringing in natural elements to our designs. I think I will try to use some of these ideas in our next event!

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Being a wedding florist, we com across all different types of plants, vegetation and flowers. However, we don’t often get to use GIANT tropical leaves! I love these. They can be quite pricey individually but the look is full and fabulous with little effort. That is worth it for me! Have fun dreaming about your next rustic tropical wedding or event! If you need furniture inspiration, check out our website:


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