Light up Your Life with Neon Sign Wedding Decor!

Looking for something to bring some light to your wedding ceremony and reception? Custom neon signs are a huge trend that is perfect for the modern couple that wants something just a little bit different. Today I bring you a fun selection of signage that will really brighten up your wedding day decor!

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Neon signs look epic pretty much anywhere you place them. My personal favorite way of displaying these brilliant signs is by hanging it up for the ceremony backdrop and then moving it to a wall filled with florals for cool photo ops during the reception. I can just imagine how great one of these would look in the courtyard or up against one of the white walls at Moss Denver!

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Creating a personalized neon sign for your wedding creates a super unique decor item that you will be able to hang in your house to remember your wedding day. Customize a sign with your names, your favorite song lyric or a short sentimental phrase that will remind you daily of your love. These custom signs make excellent home decor when throwing a party as well!

Source1 Source2 Source3 Source4 Source5

The growing popularity of neon signs means that they are much more easily acquired if you only wish to rent them for your wedding day. As great as the idea is, I totally understand that not everyone wants to have a neon sign hanging on their dining room wall. Still, there are so many options of fun phrases that will make your wedding celebration totally unique. How cute would it be to have little neon signs on the cake table, guestbook table and bar to direct your guests around? Talk about a fun alternative to the chalkboard sign!


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