Not Your Standard Valentine’s Day Flowers!

Today is the day when we celebrate love in all its forms with all those that are special to us. On Valentine’s Day, if you choose to show your affection by sending your love a beautiful bouquet of flowers, don’t fall into the same traditional pattern as so many by sending a dozen red roses. Instead, here are a few seasonal flower and color alternatives to ask your florist for this holiday to make that special someone smile.

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The always stunning ranunculus is one flower that is typically available for most of the year in a huge range of colors, but is especially stunning during this time of year. You can stick with the traditional Valentine’s Day color palette of pinks or branch out with bright orange, yellow or deep burgundy.

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I always get really excited around mid winter because I know that it is almost time for flowering branches to start popping up at our local floral wholesalers. Really branch out with your flower choices and ask for bright yellow forsythia, soft pink cherry, dogwood or tulip magnolia branches.

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The super delicate poppy flower has a very short window in the cut flower world, but if you are fortunate enough to find them they make an absolutely gorgeous addition to any floral arrangement. Just imagine the look on your loves face when they are handed a bouquet of these beauties.

When it comes to romance, flowers can say it all. Whether it is one a mix of the blooms I have highlighted today or the always beautiful garden rose with ruffly edges, say “I Love You” with a bouquet. Happy Valentine’s Day from Alexan Events!


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