Old Fashioned Macrame for the New Boho Bride!

The old art of macrame is making a comeback as a new trend with many boho brides. For those not familiar with the word macrame, it describes the form of textile produced using knotting techniques rather than weaving or knitting. Believed to have originated in Northern Africa and later traveling to Europe, macrame is the age old craft of creating elaborate and ornamental knotted forms to decorate everything from the backs of horses and knife handles to the tops of tables and window trimmings.

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For our purposes as designers, macrame is used as an ornamental decor addition for everything from a large altar structure to a bridal bouquet adornment. Use macrame in one large panel for a more solid backdrop or a few smaller pieces as accents in front of a brick wall.

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Drape macrame across the back of the bride and groom chairs, down the center of your guest tables as a runner or use it to hang everything from floral arrangements to your dessert display.

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Add the fun texture of macrame to your bouquets or bridal ensemble! Wrapping ribbon around bouquets is not as popular as it once was and macrame offers the perfect replacement.

As much as we love designing huge extravagant weddings here at Alexan Events, we equally love the small intimate ceremony with a laid back vibe. Incorporating soft, natural, one-of-a-kind macrame elements into the cozy backyard wedding or Brews and BBQ rehearsal dinner will add just the right touches of texture. For the bride that wants to kick off her shoes and relax with her nearest and dearest, this macrame element will add the perfect minimal amount of decor that is as sweet and simple as you!


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