Outdoor Wedding Ideas and Inspirations

Outdoor weddings are a great idea for the late spring, summer and even fall brides who want to soak up every ounce of that fresh air. If you are a bride who wants a natural approach to a wedding, here are some great ideas to get your decor brainstorming started!

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I love all of these ideas for an outdoor wedding.  I think I gravitate towards some of these ideas because they are so relaxed while still being beautiful and chic. Consider mixed seating that involves round seated tables, picnic blankets, and lounges. Or, if you are into your bike, have your florist adding an arrangement for the basket. How cute is this?! At Alexan Events, I can tell you that we would love to have a bride ask us to do this for her wedding.

Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 Source 4

If you are considering mixed seating for the reception, why not do mixed seating for the ceremony as well?! I love these oriental rugs as an aisle, pillows and a pallet for the tables and a teepee! When it comes to an outdoor wedding, we love mixing in interior decor elements such as pillows and furniture to add a touch of class. As wedding designers, we love bringing in our favorite pillows and rugs to spruce up any event! Have fun!


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