Put a Lid on it! 2018 Wedding Style Trend: Hats!

Today I would like to make a nod to a 2018 wedding trend that I can really get behind, hats! I’m not talking about the hats that you might see on derby day or worn by a member of the royal family. While these hats certainly have their place in the world, I’m talking about a hat for the modern bride and groom that will take a simple and cool boho dress or tweed suit and turn them into a seriously statement-making outfits.

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Fedoras are hugely popular right now. Why not carry this trend into your wedding day with one of these hats from Nordstrom or Shopbop. You can even take your hat styling to the next level by adding flowers and succulents.

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Turn your main man into a super dapper groom by adding a stylish hat to his wedding day ensemble as well. This look is perfect for the Boulder, Coloardo boho chic couple .

How would you rock a hat on your wedding day? Would you wear something simple, just as it is, or would you deck it out in flowers, lace and feathers? I think the florist in me would not be able to leave such a beautiful blank canvas void of flowers.


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