Real or Faux – the flower dilemma!

It is not often that you will ever hear a florist advocating for faux flowers. However, this is one of those rare times. Today I will be highlighting some really outstanding sugar flower creations for wedding cakes that may make you think twice about the sweetest element of your big day.

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Edible flowers of the icing variety, when created by an incredibly talented pastry queen like our friends at Sugar Breck, have the power to fool your guests into thinking they are 100% real flowers. The beautiful peonies in the top left photo were created by Katy Pierson, owner of Sugar Breck.

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A trend that we are loving is the use of darker colors to cover wedding cakes. The sugary flowers really stand out against these non-traditional black backdrops. If you want to take this a step further, ask your pastry master add some painted flowers to the cake itself!

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Although these sugary creations may not be the least expensive option when you are choosing a wedding cake design, but the statement they make is definitely worth the higher price. Just think about the hours that these pastry chefs spend inventing these colorful, edible works of art!

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Faux flowers may be the perfect way to go if you are looking for the all white wedding cake. Lets face it, no matter how hard we florists try, even the purest white blooms in nature have the slightest bit of color variation because Mother Nature just can’t help herself. This faux option however, gives you the power to get the purest of the pure white for the ultimate wedding cake.


Adding flowers to your wedding cake is an obvious must when you are planning the perfect design. Take a moment, however, and think of these sugar flowers as a sweet alternative. Working with an amazingly talented pastry chef will give the two of you the opportunity to create the perfect size, shape and color flowers for the most memorable cake you will ever eat! Cheers!


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