Style Files – jaw-dropping custom bars that ratchet things up at your event!

It is so hard to decide where to put your money. There are so many details that you can get caught up in when planning an event.   My clients look to me everyday for direction and guidance when it comes to what we should spend on different elements of their event. And when I am asked, I have to say, I have a somewhat standard answer, “what makes the most impact?” 

Chairs, linens, sweet donut favors, escort card boards, pashmina shaws.  It all adds up quickly.  So when you are determining what to spend your money on, always think about the guests experience.  If you do that, maybe you will skip matching pashminas for all of the female guests of your event, save the $750 for them and put it towards something that really makes an impact, your BAR!  What, you say? Not wrap them in comfort?  Don’t get me wrong, something to warm your guests on a cold fall night is always a hit.  But when you are comparing the impact of pashminas for half of your guests or a beautiful, user friendly, well stocked bar, well… I think you get my point.

Bars win and here is why.  What is the first place most guests go when they walk into your cocktail hour or reception?  What is the one place that keeps bringing them back 5 or 6 times throughout the night? Not the escort card board, not the cake table….the bar.  Why not take some extra time and spend a few extra dollars to really make that first impression and reaccuring destination sing!

There are so many options.  For great show stopping design, creating a lounge nook complete with comfortable seating and a killer lighting scheme really sets the stage…

Often, rental companies such as ours, or have great acrylic, stone or wood bars that you can rent and further customize to match your decor plan.

As you can see, using something like the sleek, white acrylic bartops you see in the below pictures, and then adding color fabric wraps and / or undermounted lighting  make them versatile and really create drama. 

Another high impact bar display involves bare legged tables and simple shelving or even trussing that can be rented from almost any rental house.  Or, stack coffee tables up one on top of the other and fill them with beautiful glasses and bottles for a modern and streamline barback display (be sure to pay attention to properly secure them for safety!!)  

For a more simple and budget friendly bar, you can cover 3 standard 8 foot banquet tables with beautiful linens, arrange them in a u-shape, add an interesting backbar display, stricking floral and decor accents to the tabletops and you have a stunner without having to create something more custom.

 Of course the super custom ones are fun too…and boy do they have in impact!

Whatever you decide to do, or whatever your budget may be, you should definitely take the time to think about the bar and how you can incorporate something impressive and well planned for your bar area.  No question about it your guests will love it!!!

Some images taken from Tara Geurard Soriee, Details Details, David Beahm Design, Alexan Events Design and Ed Libby & Co.


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