Sweet and Savory Late Night Snacks!

I must admit, one of my favorite parts of the late night party are the miniature snacks that come rolling out after hours of dancing. This all important detail will help give your guests a little pick-me-up before the last dance and before they head out into the night. The really fun part about these snacks is that there is no rule book as to what you must serve. Let your imagination and your taste buds run wild when you are planing this delicious treat.

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The sweet treat is a great option for these mini delights. Donuts and a shot of coffee to help clear your head after all that bubbly or something fun and personal like your favorite cookies and and a glass of milk, or almond milk;)

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My personal favorite for the late night snack falls into the savory category. Who doesn’t love mini baskets of french fries or sweet potato fries and tasty sliders? Comfort foods fit nicely into this category like the fun fried chicken and waffles option above.

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Bringing out grab-and-go treats will help give the subtle hint to all those party animals that the night is winding down and they must take their snack to-go. Including a personalized message on these to-go containers is the perfect way to say a final thank you to all your nearest and dearest as you make your grand exit.

Let’s face it, nothing can ruin a great party faster than tired and hungry wedding guests. Stick with a theme or pick a few of your favorites and send your guests away with full bellies and smiles on their faces.


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