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Floral Beauty in Numbers with Bud Vases!

Multiple bud vases in place of large floral arrangements is the super cute and super fun trend that has been popping up in many of our Alexan Events floral plans this year. A design trend that has about as many different variations as there are stars in the sky. Mix and match one or two…

Delicious Spring Color Trend: Milk and Honey!

Looking for something to add a new flavor to the floral theme for your special day? Look no further than this deliciously tasty floral color trend! Step aside pastel pink and blush and make room for this milk and honey color scheme that is sure to make your mouth water. Source1 Source2 Source3 Source4 Source5…

Soft and Romantic Spring Tablescapes!

Spring, an incredibly beautiful time of year in Denver, Colorado. The snow has melted, the trees are beginning to leaf and bud and countless bulbs are emerging from the ground. To complement the beauty of spring with your wedding day decor, here are some of my favorite romantic tablescape ideas that will make you feel…

Friday Floral – Jasmine Vine!

A beautiful flower and greenery to add to any wedding day floral theme, jasmine vine is one of my favorite blooms of spring. Growing up in the south, jasmine vine covers up brick walls, fences and trellis’s in the spring with an abundance of delicate star-shaped flowers and fills the air with an intoxicating fragrance….

Friday Floral – Anthurium!

This month I have been focusing on tropical plants and flowers and today I will be continuing that trend. Maybe because February is one of the coldest months in Colorado, so my southern upbringing has me thinking about warmer climates. Whatever the reason, with flurries flying here in Denver, today I give you the amazingly…

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At Alexan Events, we do so much more for our clients than your average designer. Because we know that it is important to our clients that their experience be unique and extremely personal, we tailor all of our services to those that we work with and for. 

With backgrounds in floral design and formal design schooling, our constant goal and passion is to provide you with a complete, polished and stunning event. 

To us, it is paramount that each wedding be as personal, intimate and unique as those that it is being created for.  Our goal is to keep you from having to settle at any point during the design process. We work tirelessly to ensure that you will have your ideal event without compromise and with complete regard to your privacy.

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